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The LAST Diet you will ever need!
Sound amazing? Unbelievable? If you have struggled with your weight, we finally have the diet that has a 100% success rate, and an 85% cure rate (the patients STAY at their new weight for the rest of their lives)!

Dr. Simeons discovered this incredible weight loss program, and helped thousands of people permanently lose their unwanted adipose (bad) fat, but for financial reasons by the food industry and FDA, have kept it a secret for over 50 years. Kevin Trudeau, an investigative reporter, exposes this program in his book “The weight loss cure they don’t want you to know about” (available in our office or at www.amazon.com)

Find out why you have been struggling with weight loss, and once and for ever, take control of your life and shed those unwanted pounds at an incredible 1 to 2 pounds per day - and without the hunger pangs you struggle with other traditional diets. With the use of homeopathic HCG drops, and following Dr. Simeons’ Very Low Calorie Diet, you will be amazed at how easy and effective this weight loss program is…and there are no adverse side effects!

Once you’ve attained your goal weight, the program “resets” your hypothalamus to keep you at this weight for the rest of your life.

This program is offered as a doctor supervised diet. Dr. Filippini will perform a lab panel to check thyroid levels, blood glucose levels, as well as many other health markers to get a good picture of where you are with your health prior to beginning the program. Once the desired weight has been lost, and the hypothalamus is reset, he will then recheck any abnormal markers to assist you in balancing out your hormone/endocrine, metabolic, or other potential problem areas that might hinder you from keeping the lost weight of PERMANENTLY.

Once you have been enrolled in the program, you will be given the password to grant you access to the members only section for recipes and guidelines you will need to refer to throughout the program.

Contact our office for a complimentary consultation to discuss this program with Dr. Filippini, and the many benefits it offers for your health.


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